Scientific Program Genetics

Day I (4th of April 2024)

From genomic data to personalised medicine - focus on rare disorders and oncology
Anca Lelia Costache, Răzvan Pleșea, Ioana Streață, Florin Burada

Lunch break

AULA MAGNA (Ground floor, B Building)
Official opening
Dan Gheonea, Marcel Tanțău, Răzvan Curcă, Florin Burada

Connections Gastroenterology - Oncology - Genetics
Dan Gheonea, Michael Schenker, Florin Burada

Not only cancer kills…also Obesity
Cătălina Poiană, Bogdan Timar

Coffee break

Pipeline drugs in oncology
Răzvan Prisada - President ANMDM Romania
Michael Schenker - President Oncology Committee of Ministry of Health

The importance on the G6 universities in medical education of population

•G6-UMF Symposia dedicated to World Health Day
Rectors of the Romanian Medical Universities: Leonard Azamfirei (UMFST George Emil Palade Tg. Mureș), Anca Buzoianu (UMF Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj), Octavian Crețu (UMF Victor Babeș Timișoara), Dan Gheonea (UMF Craiova), Viorel Jinga (UMF Carol Davila București), Viorel Scripcariu (UMF Gr.T. Popa Iași)

The hub of innovation – a strong partnership G6-UMF – MS – LAWG
Teodor Blidaru (Manager Innovation Hub), Viorel Jinga (President G6-UMF), Stefan Strilciuc (MS representative), Frank Loeffler (President LAWG), Radu Rășinar (Vice-President LAWG), Adriana Stara (Board Member LAWG)

The genetic origins of Romanians through the fog of the times
Mihai Netea – Spinoza Prize Laureate, Radboud University, The Netherlands

Day II (5th of April 2024)

VICTOR GOMOIU HALL (2nd floor, A Building)
Genetics-Dermatology - Integrating genomics in dermatological clinical practice
Chairmen: Florin Burada, Simona Ianosi

• [10:00 - 10:30] Advances in understanding the etiopathogenesis of inherited and common skin disorders
Alina Maria Vîlcea, Cristina Tutunaru

• [10:30 - 11:00] From monogenic to multifactorial skin diseases - genetic and genomic approaches
Rebecca Șerban, Alexandru Cărămizaru

GENETICS HALL (2nd floor, A’ Building)
Genetics and genomics tools used in screening and diagnostics of human diseases
Chairmen: Vlad Gorduza, Mariela Militaru, Florin Burada

• [11:00 - 11:20] Novel tools for diagnosis and monitoring of hematological malignancies
Claudia Bănescu

• [11:20 - 11:40] Genetic testing for vulnerable communities, including Roma population
Nicoleta Andreescu

• [11:40 - 12:00] NIPT between promises and challenges
Vlad Gorduza

• [12:00 - 12:15] Is MLPA still relevant today?
Mihai Cucu

• [12:15 - 12:30] Genetic exploration of the uterine microbiota - a possible tool in the evaluation of female infertility
Mariela Militaru

• [12:30 - 12:45] Genetic testing of Helicobacter pylori antibiotic resistance to optimize therapy
Georgeta Cozaru

• [12:45 - 13:00] Quality Management System in Molecular Diagnostic. Is this an option?
Ana-Maria Buga

Lunch break

From bench to clinic - translational medicine & genomics
Chairmen: Nicoleta Andreescu, Simona Dima, Octavian Bucur

• [14:00 - 14:30] Expansion Pathology: physical tissue expansion for diagnostic pathology and research
Octavian Bucur

• [14:30 - 14:50] Glucose transport facilitator Tusc5 role in neuronal metabolism and function
Tudor Badea

• [14:50 - 15:10] Epigenetics - a new (old) tool in research and diagnostics of rare diseases and cancer
Ioana Streață

• [15:10 - 15:30] The impact of genomics on pancreatic cancer - research and diagnostics
Simona Dima

• [15:30 - 16:00] Large national genomic initiatives
Jeroen Adema
Supported by ELTA 90

Coffee break

Rare genetic diseases: update on diagnosis and management
Chairmen: Maria Puiu, Emilia Severin, Vasilica Plăiașu

• [16:30 - 16:50] Genetics and Genomics of Rare Diseases
Emilia Severin

• [16:50 - 17:10] ERNs, successful model in addressing rare diseases at national and European level
Maria Puiu

• [17:10 - 17:25] Identifying hidden patients with rare disease – educational session
Vasilica Plăiașu

• [17:25 - 17:40] Rare genetic variants in brain cortical malformations
Magdalena Budișteanu

• [17:40 - 18:00] Challenges in the diagnosis and management of NF1 patients
Ioana Streață
Supported by AstraZeneca

Day III (6th of April 2024)

GENETICS HALL (2nd floor, A’ Building)
Hereditary cancer syndromes - I
Chairmen: Claudia Bănescu, Adrian Trifa, Elena Braha

• [09:30 - 09:50] Hereditary Polyposis Syndromes
Andreea Cătană

• [09:50 - 10:10] Incidental findings in cancer predisposing genes during NGS germinal testing
Adela Chiriță Emandi

• [10:10 - 10:30] Founder mutations in hereditary syndromes with predisposition to digestive cancers – management implications
Lavinia Caba

• [10:30 - 10:45] MEN1 and MEN2A syndrome - the multidisciplinary team and the connection between specialties
Elena Braha

• [10:45 - 11:00] The importance of cascade testing and follow-up in families with known pathogenic variants in hereditary cancer genes
Delia Sabău

Coffee break

Hereditary cancer syndromes - II
Chairmen: Andreea Cătană, Claudia Jurcă, Florina Nedelea

• [11:30 - 11:45] The onset phenotype spectrum in Lynch syndrome
Florina Nedelea

• [11:45 - 12:00] Challenges in the diagnosis of Lynch syndrome, with a special focus on Lynch-like syndrome
Adrian Trifa

• [12:00 - 12:15] Romanian society for Lynch syndrome- an ALLY for streatching life’s time
Oana Voinea

• [12:15 - 12:30] The diagnostic odyssey in a rare disease: Cowden syndrome
Claudia Jurcă

• [12:30 - 12:45] Familial chylomicronemia syndrome (FCS)- the patient journey so far
Maria Puiu
Supported by Sobi

• [12:45 - 13:00] Multidisciplinary management in inherited metabolic disorders - lysosomal pathology
Ioana Streață
Supported by Chiesi

Lunch break

Genomic technologies - tools and challenges
Chairmen: Adela Chiriță-Emandi, Viorica Rădoi, Horia Stănescu

• [14:00 - 14:30] Considerations and challenges in genomics
Mark Kristiansen

• [14:30 - 15:00] Opportunities and challenges in genetic analysis
Horia Stănescu

• [15:00 - 15:20] The role of liquid biopsy in cancer diagnosis and therapy
Viorica Rădoi

• [15:20 - 15:40] Transcriptomic signature in gastric cancer
Anca - Lelia Costache

• [15:40 - 16:00] Pompe disease - a disease difficult to diagnose, but easy to treat
Diter Atasie
Supported by Sanofi


Multidisciplinary approaches for rare diseases
Chairmen: Florin Burada, Ioana Streață, Radu Popp

• [16:30 - 17:00] A human evolutionary genetics perspective in the personalised medicine landscape
Mircea Iliescu

• [17:00 - 17:20] One disease, but not just one perspective. From a diagnosis to multiple perceptions of the disease.
Radu Popp

• [17:20 - 17:35] Oncologic risk in neuromuscular disorders: when should it be included in the management strategy?
Amelia Dobrescu

• [17:35 - 17:50] CRGM Dolj activities and perspectives in the context of National and European beating cancer initiatives
Razvan Pleșea

• [17:50 - 18:00] Conclusions
Florin Burada

Day IV (7th of April 2024)

AULA MAGNA (Ground floor, B Building)
Importance of communication between academics, medicine, and media - Open Session
    • Sources of Well-Being
    • The Rise of the Competitive Physician in the Digital Health Era
• Dorin Dancu (Consultant &Trainer) - INSPIRES
• Andrada Cojocaru (Health Journalist) - TVR Craiova
• Dan Gheonea, Michael Schenker, Florin Burada - UMF Craiova

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