Dear Colleague,

We launched the concept two years ago, on World Health Day. In the first two editions we gathered in Craiova the most important specialties from connected specialists: Gastroenterology - Rheumatology - Dermatology and Gastroenterology - Obstetrics - Diabetes/Nutrition diseases.

This year's edition is scheduled on 4-7 April 2024 and is built around the specialties: Gastroenterology, Oncology, Genetics. We maintain on-site format at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova.

Also, considering the success of previous editions, we will include sessions dedicated to Rheumatology, Dermatology and Diabetes/Nutrition, sessions coordinated by key opinion leaders in the field, sessions with the most important diagnostic and treatment news.
The scientific panels will bring together topics of major interest both for the doctors of the three specialties, but also for the doctors in their related areas, both medical and surgical specialties.

The event will start with "Hands on training", on April 4, to support those interested in perfecting their skills in digestive therapeutic endoscopy and liver ultrasound guided biopsies on animal model.

Together with the Rectors of the six Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania that constitute the G6 - UMF Alliance, we invite you to Craiova to join us, share your valuable experience with your colleagues, and support this educational-scientific program.

The Craiova Connects concept also follows the approach of some themes regarding: the hard thinking, the transition from the individual to collaboration, the improvement of communication in work teams, but also to the patient, the efficiency customized therapies following an appropriate case management. Therefore, a panel will be dedicated to the topics of medical and health communication, given that, by connecting several specialties, the event proposes to deepen the idea of teamwork, but also of the activities related to medical success, namely the diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of the patient. Communication trainers appreciated by the public, as well as results of research in the field of communication, interventions based on case studies and the latest theories in the field of communication, will be heard.

We are honored to be Craiova`s guest and we thank you in advance for agreeing to share with your colleagues your very valuable experience, joining you in supporting this educational-scientific endeavor.

Hopefully that we will meet again in April at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova, we wish you a year 2024 with health, with many professional and personal achievements, with new projects and good thoughts!

Dan-Ionut Gheonea
Rector UMF Craiova

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Organizing Committee:

Mihai Caragea

Sergiu Cazacu

Nicolae Cernea

Tudorel Ciurea

Nicolae Florescu

Dan Gheonea

Sevastița Iordache

Vlad Iovanescu

Cătălin Manea

Carmen Oancea

Petrică Popa

Ion Rogoveanu

Mihai Sacerdoțianu

Larisa Săndulescu

Costin Streba

Michael Schenker

Florin Burada

Bogdan Ungureanu

Cristin-Constantin Vere

Mihaela Vladu

University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova
Petru Rares 2, Craiova, Romania